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English for business

Do you own a business, work for one or want to start your own? If so, keep reading.

English is the language of business and, every day, countless individuals and companies take measures to improve their levels. Have you taken measures yet? If not, I can help.


I have extensive business experience from many big companies in London, so I can help you or your company with your general and specific English needs. I have taught English for many years and I'm learning another language myself (French), so I know the difficulties students have when they're learning another language and how to solve them. Also, crucially, I'm English, so your staff will be learning from a native speaker.


Your staff will be able to reserve sessions themselves via the website. Students usually choose to have general conversational practice, for balance and to improve their all round level of English, which is extremely useful when talking to clients / customers / foreign colleagues. Of course, they can also choose to practice / learn any aspect of English they desire / their business specifies. Lessons will be by video call, or by telephone if the student wishes. I normally use Skype but we can also use other platforms, such as Zoom for example, if that would be better for your company.

Subjects taught, everything. For example: everyday conversation (useful for 'small talk' with international clients / colleagues, conferences, etc.), business vocabulary (useful for pitching to international clients, press releases, marketing and winning international business, etc.), help with presentations, calls for proposals, conference calls, hiring English speaking employees, etc. Everything.

I would be glad to give a free 'taster' sessions to anyone in the company. Also, if you are local, I would be happy to come to your office in person, to meet you and/or some of the potential students. I find this is a very useful way of seeing if we are a good match and if our partnership will be a successful one.

Contact me now and let's get the ball rolling.

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