About me

English Pete

After graduating in business and working in London for many top companies, I went travelling. After living in Thailand and becoming a professional scuba diver, I moved to France to learn the beautiful French language. Here, I took the world-renowned CELTA qualification to teach English as a foreign language and set up my business. Using my work, life and educational experiences I'm now an English teacher / trainer / consultant.

A.K.A. English Pete

Peter Chesley

Why choose me?

  • Lessons are possible outside of normal work hours to give people every opportunity to fit English lessons around their usual commitments and responsibilities

  • I am available in person, by telephone and online to cater for people in different cities, countries and people who cannot leave their homes

  • You can more than just traditional English lessons; I teach and help people with anything they need (English job applications / interviews / CVs, travel English, etc.)

  • People are often nervous during lessons; so I help people relax

  • Many English speakers speak to quickly; so I speak slowly to help learners understand

  • My knowledge isn’t only from books and study; I have life experience, which helps me teach many subjects.

  • You can ask for a free lesson. This allows students to meet me and decide if they think they will like my lessons before they decide to buy any lessons.

  • I have been described as being friendly, having a communicative approach, having a very calm and patient attitude with a focus on error correction, having a knack of putting students at ease, being very reliable and professional.

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