Learn English

in a more convenient, flexible and efficient way!

Private, customised English lessons for individuals and groups, face-to-face in Nice and online by Skype

Do you need to learn or improve your English?

Would you like private English lessons in Nice or

from anywhere in the world by Skype?

English Pete is a great way to learn English with a professional teacher face-to-face and online.

    Free session

    Every new student can have a free 30 minute Skype or telephone lesson to meet me and discuss their needs. I will help you with your English and give you corrections at the same time, so you will start learning from the very first minute, for free!

    General information


    English lessons are private and personalised

    You can have one-to-one or group lessons

    English lessons can be face-to-face anywhere in Nice

    Lessons can also be by Skype or telephone, so you can have

    English lessons anywhere in the world

    Students can have lessons anytime between 10h - 17h30, 3 days a week

    Prices start from 30€ per hour for one-to-one lessons

    Prices per person start from 10€ per hour for group lessons

    CESU (Chèque Emploi Service Universal) is accepted

    So, as you can see, you can have English lessons online, learning English on Skype; or face-to-face English lessons in Nice, all with a qualified and experienced English tutor.










    Subjects taught


    Anything related to the English language. The student chooses what they need / would like to learn and I prepare the lesson(s). Subjects include:

    • English for IT: learn how to communicate better with your English speaking IT colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.

    • English for Marketing: studying English with a special focus on advertising, communications, etc.

    • English for Meetings: meetings with English speaking customers, prospects, etc. can be daunting. Maybe you need lessons to ensure you feel more at ease in these potentially stressful situations?

    • English for Students: junior, primary and secondary school, high school, university, Bachelors, Masters, etc.

    • English for Presentations: being more prepared for your oral English presentations

    • English for Job Interviews: preparation for common job interview questions

    • English for CVs: help with translating your French CV into English or improving your current English CV

    • English for Conference Calls: improve your professional English skills

    • Travel English: tips to be comfortable at the airport, the hotel, the restaurants, etc.

    • English for Photography: you probably know the terminology, but do you know how to link it all together into comprehensible sentences?

    • English for Pleasure: no real goal, just learning English just for the pleasure of it

    • French to English translations: for school, business, letters, websites, etc.

    Anything. The above are just examples, the list is endless.




    What form will your lessons take?

    They can be private, individual lessons or private English classes for groups. We can focus on:

    • learning English grammar: tenses, sentence structures, punctuation, etc.

    • learning conversational English: practice speaking to feel more confident during conversations

    • improving your English accent and pronunciation

    • enriching your English vocabulary: helping you talk about more things and avoid repeating the same words

    Whichever kind of English lesson you have, you will receive corrections for all your mistakes; and by practising your English with these corrections you will quickly improve your English level.


    Location of face-to-face lessons

    Students can have face-to-face lessons anywhere in Nice, including:

    the beach, le Parc de la Colline du Château, bars, restaurants, the student’s home, my office, etc.


    Which ages of students do I teach?

    I teach all ages:

    infants, childrenpre-teensteenagers, young adults, adults, senior citizens, etc.

    Everyone is welcome, no matter your age.


    Prices start at 30€ per hour. There are different options, all with different costs. Some lessons are more expensive but with English Pete you can also have cheap English lessons. For example, choosing private English classes for groups can reduce the price to even less than 30€. Another option is to pay by CESU.

    Do you have any questions?

    Visit the F.A.Q. page or
    contact me directly, here
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