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Online English Lessons

Embracing technology

As well as having English lessons in the traditional way, i.e. being physically in the same place as your teacher, virtual lessons via a video conferencing platform such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts is also a great option worth considering.

I created English Pete and embraced this technology so as to give more people access to English lessons and the opportunity to learn the most important language in the world today. Having English lessons in this way may seem a bit strange to some, but it’s a great way to learn English and now I’m going to tell you about some of the benefits.

Learn English from anywhere in the world












I’m a native Englishman, have adopted the Mediterranean city of Nice in France as my home and I teach English to my students all around this beautiful area. However, I didn’t just want the people of Nice to have access to my teachings; I wanted everyone in the world to have access. I knew that English learners and I couldn’t physically be in more than one place at a time but I knew that, with an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone we could be. I knew that this would allow me to teach anywhere in the world and for English learners to learn from anywhere in the world, virtually.

So now, I not only give lessons physically in Nice (often in beautiful places like the beach and the park overlooking the port) but I now also give lessons virtually in many countries around the world; such as Russia, Algeria, Italy, U.S.A., & Belgium. Embracing this technology means that I get to meet and teach people from all over the world, many of whom do not have physical access to a native English teacher.

Also, this way of having learning does not restrict the lessons we can have. We can have lessons about anything:

  • English job interviews

  • CV translations

  • Help with homework
  • Revising for exams

  • ...


As well as the usual, traditional English lessons:

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • Conjugation

  • ...









There are so many advantages to having English lessons online via platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts. We have already seen that we can have the lessons for anywhere in the world and now I’m going to highlight some more:

  • No more wasted time travelling to and from lessons. You no longer have to leave your homes to have English lessons  so there’s no need to travel to classes in schools.

  • No more travel means no more transport costs.

  • No longer do you have to change your routine to be able to go to English lessons. Online lessons with me are more flexible than traditional lessons, which means that we can schedule them at times convenient to you. You can have your lessons when you are available to have them, for example: before work, at lunch time, after work - even evenings and weekends.

  • You also have complete flexibility when it comes to how often you have your lessons. You can choose whether to have one lesson a day, one lesson a week, one lesson a month or anything in between, the choice is yours.

  • With me you can do all of the above and you also have the option of cancelling and rescheduling lessons, without losing and paying for a lesson that you can’t have.

So, as you can see, online lessons are a very convenient way to learn English!

f you have any other questions, take in the FAQs or contact me here

So send me a message today and let me know what kind of English lessons / help you need.


See you soon I hope :)

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